7 ways to reduce a fever in adults

When viruses or bacteria enter the human body, infection can develop. One of its symptoms is fever, which manifests itself as an increase in body temperature. A fever is considered to be a temperature of at least 38 degrees. How to deal with it in adults?

Fever – what is it?

The normal body temperature is considered to be between 36.5 and 37 degrees. A temperature between 37 and 38 degrees is considered a low-grade fever. A fever is defined as a body temperature of at least 38 degrees. Speaking of fever, it must be clearly emphasized that it is one of the body’s natural defenses. When – even in the case of infection – body temperature does not exceed 38 degrees, it is not worth lowering it. It means that the body has mobilized to fight and is trying to neutralize the pathogenic factor.

What happens to the body during a fever?

Fever is not only an increase in body temperature. When the body temperature is at least 38 degrees, the metabolic rate increases. At the same time, the productivity of the digestive system is lowered. One common symptom is swelling in various parts of the body. This is the body’s way of keeping more water. Chills appear and the heart begins to beat faster. All these changes result in a feeling of weakness and fatigue. Importantly, the increase in body temperature causes the body to produce antibodies more intensively, and the multiplication of pathogens is inhibited.

Herbs for a fever

For adults whose fever is not too high, you can reach for herbs. They perfectly cope with fever, while strengthening, expectorant and disinfecting.

The antipyretic herbs include:

  • black lilac;
  • Linden blossom;
  • wild Rose;
  • meadowsweet flower.

Raspberries are also effective – not only fruit, but also leaves. To prepare the infusion, you need to pour a tablespoon of any herbs with a glass of boiling water, and then let it brew for about a quarter of an hour. Then the herbs need to be strained and the infusion should be drunk immediately.

Will milk with honey and garlic kill a fever?

It turns out that adult adults who want to fight a fever can also choose hot milk with honey and garlic. It is a drink with a warming effect that quickly lowers too high body temperature. What’s more, both honey and garlic are full of substances that fight bacteria and viruses. Thanks to this, this potion contributes to a faster recovery.

Tea with honey and lemon – a home remedy for fever

Tea with honey and lemon is also a great way to deal with a fever. Those who do not like lemons can reach for raspberry juice. Note: in order not to kill the valuable properties of honey, it should be added to hot, but not boiling tea

Bath as a way to deal with fever

You can lower your body temperature by taking a bath in water that is about 2 degrees cooler than your body temperature. In order for such a bath to be safe, you should immerse yourself in it gradually.

Wraps as a way to deal with a fever

Cold compresses will also help to deal with the fever. Towels wet with cold water should be placed on the forehead and neck. If we reach for ice, remember not to put it directly on the skin. Onion is also a good compress to lower body temperature.

Tablets with antipyretic effect

If home remedies do not help or we want to lower the body temperature quickly, you can reach for funds from the pharmacy. The choice of drugs to combat fever is currently very large.

Not every elevated body temperature is called a fever. Thus, not every temperature needs to be lowered. We do this only when it exceeds 38 degrees.