8 rules for beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrow styling is the most difficult part of the entire make-up for several reasons. The basis is to give them the right shape and color. Pulled hairs grow back a few days, and dyed hairs also retain their color for some time. One small mistake and we dream not to leave the house for several days.

Before the first styling of eyelashes, it is best to visit a proven beautician. She will judge what kind of eyebrows we have and what way of embellishing them will make them charming. We can ask what color our eyebrows should be, what shape they should be and how to care for them. When we are sure, we can style them ourselves.

Take care of their condition

Eyebrows, just like eyelashes, need proper care. When the hair is weak, no styling will help them because they will be invisible. Delicate eyebrows can be strengthened by using special conditioners, combing with the direction of hair growth. Thick and dark eyebrows only need to be smoothed. Under no circumstances should you completely shave your eyebrows to strengthen them, as the regrowth of hair will look very unnatural.

Give them the right shape

The shape of our eyebrows depends on the shape of our eye and nose. The hairline should start where it intersects the line joining the inner corner of the eye and the lobe of the nose on the same side. The end of the eyebrow, on the other hand, should be at the intersection of the arch with the line passing through the lobe of the nose and the outer corner. A slight bend of the arc should be at the point where the arc meets the line connecting the lobe of the nose with the pupil of the eye when looking straight ahead. Eyebrows shaped in this way will look natural.

Which eyebrow color should you choose?

The color of our eyebrows does not have to be the same as our hair and not all of them have to have black eyebrows and eyelashes. It all depends on the complexion, color of the iris and type of beauty. Henna red is intended for ladies with red hair, paint with blue reflections is suitable for blondes with blue eyes, while ladies with jet black hair can use henna with a classic black color. Henna stays on eyebrows for several weeks and has to be repeated, just like coloring your hair.

Regulation, henna and nutrition are not the only ways to ensure a beautiful eye frame. When the hair is sparse or absent, you can try permanent makeup at an experienced beautician. The most popular technique is the feather method which gives a very natural effect. Thick, continuous lines above the eye have not been made in reputable beauty salons for a long time.