American staffordshire terrier or Amstaff – description, training, nutrition

The Amstaff, or actually the American Staffordshire Terrier, is a breed of dogs that is considered dangerous. However, Amstaffs can be gentle, but they require appropriate training. The American staffordshire terrier, colloquially referred to as amstaff, is a breed of dogs with a rather difficult character. The owners of Amstaffs, however, may argue otherwise, because – properly trained – they can be defenders and friends of even small children. As with Rottweilers , a lot depends on upbringing.

American staffordshire terrier – the history of the breed

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a breed that dates back to the eighteenth century, officially recognized in 1936. The American staffordshire terrier was most likely created by crossing a bulldog with a white terrier . In the past, they were used for dog fights with bulls, they had to be strong and massive. In the United States, Amstaffs are considered exceptionally friendly and family dogs. They came to Poland in the 90s of the twentieth century and unfortunately – as a result of the huge interest in this breed of dogs – dozens of illegal kennels began to appear. The lack of care for the proper socialization of animals resulted in the upbringing of aggressive dogs.

American staffordshire terrier – breed description

The American Staffordshire Terrier is not a dog breed for everyone . Improper posture, lack of consistency or a training approach may make the dog react aggressively, then it poses a real threat to people and animals in the environment. Even an appropriate socialization process may not be enough – a dog can be taught to be obedient and caring towards the owner or family members, but we are never sure how it will react in a specific situation, which is determined by many factors.

American staffordshire terrier – appearance

The American Staffordshire Terrier is strong and chunky, with a fleshy neck and wide-set eyes. Amstaff’s ears are short, usually erect. Dogs of this breed are characterized by short, hard hair and their color varies from uniform to striped to spotted. It can be black, white, chocolate, mixed.

  • Height : 46 – 48 cm at the withers;
  • Weight : 27 – 40 kg.
  • Life expectancy : 13 – 14 years

American staffordshire terrier – nutrition rules

Amstaff has a high demand for traffic. His diet should therefore be high in meat (lamb, horse meat, poultry) and provide enough protein. The American staffordshire terrier must not be overfed. Amstaffs can eat dairy, vegetables, and fruit. They like to gnaw bones, this is how they clean their teeth. It is also worth taking care of vitamin preparations (mainly sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron are desired).