Baby monitor breathing monitor – hit or …?

A baby monitor is a device that should be available to all parents. It is mainly related to the safety of the child, which is monitored even when no guardian is next to him.

Electronic nanny – what is it about?

A clever and extremely sensitive device that makes life easier for parents and carers of newborns and children. Of course, there are various models available on the market, which means that some of them have more functions and more accurately check life activities, while others are able to determine only the basic parameters. In order to get the right model, it is necessary to know what to choose from. Electronic nanny allows you to both track your baby with pictures and sound. The monitor displays an image that shows what the child is doing at the moment. It is very useful when laying the child to sleep, but also when being in another room, when the child is playing alone in another room. Parents can stay in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and at the same time look at what their child is doing in the living room or their own bedroom. In addition to obviously controlling behavior, you can also check vital signs. This option is very attractive in the case when the baby is sleeping, resting. Parents do not have to come to the room where the baby is sleeping every few minutes and check if everything is ok, because the electronic nanny gives these answers.

Control of vital functions

The electronic nanny has the ability to monitor vital functions. Of course, we are talking about high-end models that include all possible effects and options. Their job is to constantly monitor your baby’s breathing and heartbeat. This is very important in the first weeks of life because the phenomenon of cot death is very popular with babies and if parents can avoid it, they should do everything in their power to protect the baby from the worst. In this case, it’s not about being oversensitive. The point is that parents have their finger on the pulse and want to protect their beloved person from suffering and evil at all costs. So it is worth considering acquiring the best possible nanny model.