Cleaning silver: 11 simple ways

Cleaning silver is not difficult, you do not need to have special resources. To clean the patina of silver, use salt, toothpaste, lemon juice, ash, carbonated drink. Each item made of silver becomes covered with a smaller or larger layer of patina after some time. You will only need a few ingredients to clean your silver quickly! The good news is that Grandma’s ways are always up to date! All you need is toothpaste, aluminum foil and salt, ash or the 7 Up! Learn about other methods as well.


One of the most popular ways to clean silver effectively is by rubbing it with a cotton cloth and toothpaste (or with a soft to medium fiber toothbrush). However, when choosing a paste, you need to remember two important things:

  • do not use toothpaste with a lot of sodium – it destroys silver!
  • avoid whitening toothpastes – they can also destroy silver.

After such treatment, rinse the items thoroughly and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Aluminum foil and salt

A very often recommended method to help remove dark deposits from cutlery or silver jewelry is the use of aluminum foil , water and salt solution. It is important that it is an unsaturated solution – it is best to use about 5 teaspoons of salt per liter of water. At the bottom of the vessel (not metal!) You need to put a foil and pour a boiling solution of water with salt . Stuff it up, put the items in and … wait. Set aside the dish for some time – e.g. until the water cools down. After this treatment, silver should be thoroughly washed and dried. Depending on the blackening stage, silver should be left in the solution for several dozen seconds up to several hours . After removing the jewelry from the bath, wash off the solution. It is enough to wash the item thoroughly in warm soapy water. Then we should dry the jewelry well and enjoy its charm again.

Drink 7 Up, cola

The popular 7 Up drink is perfect for cleaning the silver. The acid contained in this drink effectively dissolves the deposit that has deposited on silver objects. Pour the amount of drink into the container so that the items to be cleaned are completely immersed in it. Leave it on for some time – soaking time depends on the degree of soiling. You can check the progress from time to time and thus adjust the optimal time. Wash and dry the items thoroughly after taking them out. Coca-Cola also has similar properties.

Bath in vodka

A similar, but less violent, method is a dip in vodka or spirit. It can be used to clean less blackened items. First, wash the jewelry with soap and water and rinse. Then pour the jewelry with one of the mentioned liquids and set aside for several hours. The cleansed reaction is not so violent, so you can prepare such a bath in the evening and check its effects in the morning After bathing, we traditionally wash the jewelery thoroughly with soap and rinse with warm water, then dry it thoroughly.


The use of ash to clean silver is one of the oldest ways to refresh jewelry and cutlery made of this metal. Scoop a small amount of ash on a damp cotton cloth and rub the soiled items. However, remember not to use coal ash as it can scratch silver. After cleaning it in this way, it is worth polishing the silver cutlery with a flannel cloth.

Soap and potato water

Rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets, silver sets should be washed in warm soapy water. Then you need to rinse them in cooled water after potatoes cooked in their jackets. Then it is enough to carefully and gently polish the silver with a soft flannel.


Silver can also be cleaned with crushed and soaked water with chalk. Rub the paste made in this way into a silver object, then rinse and dry the object. However, do not use this method to clean jewelry and delicate elements – lime scratches the surface!

A mixture of lemon juice and ash

This method is also effective, but it definitely takes a lot of time. It is also not recommended for cleaning delicate items as it scratches the surface.

Chicken egg

On the surface of the silver, apply the foam whipped from the egg white. Rub with the flannel until the desired effect is achieved. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry thoroughly.

Sour milk bath

The method is rather recommended for cleaning larger items. It is enough to put the item, washed with soap and rinsed water, into sour milk for half an hour. After 30 minutes, remove the silver, rinse and polish with a soft cloth.


If your silver items are very dirty and home cleaning methods do not cope with them, you are left with the use of special chemicals available on the market: cloths or liquids. They will allow you to get rid of the sediment effectively. However, you can also clean silver with ordinary cleaning milk. However, it is worth rinsing the cleaned items in cold water with vinegar after using the detergent directly.