French Bulldog: breed characteristics, appearance, care

The French Bulldog is a small dog that does not require a lot of space or long walks. What should you know before choosing a dog of this breed? French Bulldogs won over people with a charming appearance and a nice, affectionate disposition. They are perfect side – dwelling dogs – they don’t need a huge space or a lot of exercise. However, what is worth knowing about this breed before you decide to buy a French bulldog?

History of the breed

French Bulldogs took over mainly salons, but, contrary to appearances, it was not always so! Previously, these dogs accompanied only the working class – most often in factories, because due to their small size and bravery, they were perfect as rat catchers.

The appearance of the French bulldog

French Bulldogs are rather small, strong, compact. They have a large, massive head with a very short muzzle and erect, rounded ears at the ends. Their tails are very short: curled or broken. Size: males and bitches: approx. 30 cm. Weight: 8–14 kg. Color: brindle, white with spots, white, fawn or blue. Coat type: short, smooth, close-fitting, shiny and soft.

Character and behavior

This breed has an inherently pleasant disposition and causes no behavioral problems. However, it is worth remembering that even small dogs should be trained. French Bulldogs are generally quite brave . They are also very friendly with both other animals and children.

Feeding the French Bulldog

It turns out that the saying “French doggy” did not come out of nowhere. Bulldogs generally have no problem with their appetite (and in most cases do not turn their noses at food, on the contrary – they are huge foodies), but many dogs of this breed have serious problems with food allergies . The owners of these dogs must be prepared for the fact that they will have to buy special food for allergy-free dogs , which are often much more expensive than traditional ones. Bulldogs cannot be too thick – due to their structure, their joints and skeletal system are highly exposed to overload. So if there is an additional burden in the form of unnecessary kilograms, it can result in serious health problems.

Hair care (and more)

As for the coat, the French Bulldog does not require long and painstaking care. It has a short, smooth coat that only requires regular combing of the dead hair and an occasional bath. Due to this short coat, the bulldog can freeze on cooler days. So let’s buy him a special jacket for the winter. French Bulldogs, however, must have their ears regularly cleaned (with special preparations, not mechanically) and folds around the mouth, where they can cause chafing and infections . Their claws should also be trimmed once every few weeks.

Health problems in French bulldogs

The sweet appearance of the French bulldog is unfortunately caused by numerous diseases. This breed of dogs belongs to the so-called brachycephalic type , i.e. dogs with a very short muzzle and characteristic bulging eyes. There is a lot of controversy around them. Due to the construction of the muzzle, the French Bulldog may have breathing problems , which on hot days may even result in heat stroke. This breed can also have eye problems – which dry easily and require proper care. This breed also has problems with the skeletal system – dogs with specific build characteristics have been crossed over the years, which resulted in the current stature of the French bulldog. Badly developed vertebrae can even end in paralysis.