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Healthy and tasty snacks for holiday trips

You will not pack a lot of provisions in a vacation backpack, because it would make hiking much more difficult. Many things can go bad or melt when exposed to high temperatures. So be sure to take with you such products that will survive the hardships of the road and will be, above all, healthy.

Bars in the bio version, durable and tasty!

In almost every grocery store you will find plenty of bars and wafers on the shelves with no added sugar or enhancers. These are appetizing snacks that will provide you with a large dose of energy every day. These can be, for example, honey bars with peanuts or with fruit or pieces of vegetables. You will also find oatmeal, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, raisins, sesame, roasted rice, dried cranberries and other delicacies. In addition to being rich in nutrients, they are low in calories and high in energy. They will take up little space in your pocket or backpack and will be useful in any situation.

Oatmeal cookies – it’s best to prepare them yourself!

The second suggestion for healthy snacks are healthy cookies with little or no added sugar. Bake them with rice flour, honey, ground almonds and oatmeal. Add ingredients as you like, which are those you like best. Pack them in sealed plastic boxes. A few cookies will satisfy your first hunger and give you energy to keep wandering.

Fresh fruit and vegetables that will stay fresh for longer!

If you like fruit, take it with you on the go. Choose those that will not turn into an unsightly mush that will not be eaten in a moment. Apples, pears, pieces of watermelon, nectarines or grapes will be the best. When it comes to vegetables, you should choose kohlrabi, carrots or radishes. In separate boxes, you can take the fruit and vegetable paste on top of crispy bread. An additional snack can be herbal candies, such as Verbena , Ricola or Avogel, which are very tasty and full of herbal extracts, fruit and other natural ingredients.

Dried fruit and nuts – an indispensable snack for everyone

If you like dried fruit and can eat nuts, this snack will be perfect for you. It’s best to make a mixture of various nuts, such as peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and cashews. Delicacies will effectively satisfy your desire for something sweet and give you a lot of energy. Dried bananas, apricots or plums are a perfect snack and very tasty, which will not take up much space in your backpack.

Healthy and light salads – refresh and satisfy hunger!

A lot of people take salads with them. You can prepare them from lettuce or several types of lettuce or other greens. Arugula, lamb’s lettuce or spinach will be suitable. For this, be sure to add cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil and some thickener such as brown rice or pasta. Such a light salad will last all day and will help you withstand the hardships of the road.

In addition to the above-mentioned suggestions for healthy and tasty snacks, you will surely find some proprietary solutions that will inspire others. Often a few zlotys and a good idea are enough to prepare an energetic and healthy layette for a holiday trip.