How do I remove chewing gum?

Chewing gums are in most people’s pockets or purses. They are responsible for cleaning the mouth of food residues, and also refresh the breath. However, how to behave when it is on clothes, hair or other undesirable place instead of in the mouth?

Chewing gum – we don’t want them there

Chewing gums provide unmistakable taste sensations. Mint are refreshing and make you feel free to talk after breakfast or lunch at work. In addition, they ensure that the pH in the oral cavity is balanced, and food debris, often found between the teeth, is pulled out and removed. Fruity, in turn, are sweet and tasty. Chewing Gum however, they should only be in the mouth, and then, after wrapping them in paper, put them in a rubbish bin. Unfortunately, many people do not behave as described above. When the gum loses its flavor, they spit it on the floor, ground, pavement, and in even worse cases, stick it on a bench, chair, or other place that makes it easy to stick on. Some do it on purpose, others by accident. One thing is that sticking the rubber to the shoe or pants is not pleasant at all and involves additional work. However, there are even worse cases. We are talking about a situation where the gum is in the hair (which often happens in kindergarten or school) on the couch in the living room or on the carpet. It is also disadvantageous to find chewing gumamong children’s toys, or left in the garden among various ornaments and flowers. Are there any effective ways to get rid of it?

Getting rid of chewing gum

Chewing gum removalcan be problematic, however it is not impossible to achieve. First of all, it is worth realizing that removing the gum is much easier when it is at low temperature. Therefore, getting rid of clothes, mascots or other small items should not be a big problem. A few hours in the freezer and removing the gum will be very easy. Getting rid of it from the hair is very difficult and usually ends with cutting the strands tangled in the gum, because there is no other way. When it comes to other items, especially those with larger dimensions, it is worth scraping as much rubber as possible, and to clean the residue, it is recommended to use a sponge soaked in various specifics (if it is not wood, you can even use a mildly caustic agent).