How to clean the iron – Ways to get stony and burnt iron

To clean the iron, use baking soda or salt. Use vinegar to descale your iron: pour it inside, then press until it evaporates. A burned iron can stain clothes. In order for the ironing to be effective and not to make your clothes dirty, you need to clean the iron from time to time. Removing iron marks is sometimes time-consuming, so it is worth preventing them. Dirt that settles on its foot and inside can not only stain freshly washed clothes, but also damage the equipment itself. Regular cleaning of the iron (even if it seems to be completely clean!) Is essential to keep it working as long as possible. Check how to effectively clean the iron and how to care for it properly!

How to clean the iron? Several reliable ways

Learn about a few methods that will help you keep them in good condition – and you will find the necessary resources without going to the store! Cleaning the iron with home methods is simple, cheap and safe – both for you and for the equipment itself! You’ll need vinegar, salt, distilled water, ear sticks, and a newspaper! How do I clean my iron? Check it out!

Hot vinegar washing

The easiest way is to clean the iron with a cloth soaked in vinegar. It is important that the iron to be cleaned is slightly warm (but not so as to burn yourself). Before cleaning, also unplug the device. If the soil is larger and cannot be removed using this method, baking soda can be added to the vinegar.

Vinegar, salt and distilled water

Another way to clean the underside of the iron is to make a vinegar and salt solution (1: 1 ratio). Pour the mixture into the pan and start heating it up. Before it starts to boil, dip a cloth in it and clean the iron. After removing the sediment, rinse the iron plate with distilled water.

Salt and newspaper

The use of salt to clean the iron is very popular. Spread the salt on a piece of newspaper and press it until the sediment is gone.

Ear sticks

You will be able to clean the steam vents with sticks soaked in vinegar. Often, deposits are formed in these places due to the use of hard water.

Water and vinegar

You can clean the water tank with water and vinegar (in a ratio of 1: 1). Pour the prepared mixture into the tank. Turn the iron on and wait for the substance to evaporate. Then repeat the action, but only using only water. Remember! Do not start ironing until you have thoroughly removed the vinegar from the container. It can damage your clothes or the iron itself.

Cleaning preparations

If the above-mentioned methods are not effective enough, you can reach for ready-made solutions. There are many cleaning agents on the market that will help you deal with dirt depositing on the iron’s surface . These are various types of cloths or liquids. ATTENTION! To clean a Teflon iron , do not use baking soda as it can damage its structure! While baking soda has many uses , some surfaces should not come into contact with it.