How to clean the oven Step by step cleaning of the oven

Cleaning the oven with vinegar or baking soda is effective and safe, but be careful with the glass in the oven door. Do not scrub it with the hard side of the sponge

Only some ovens clean themselves . Press the button with the “pyrolysis” function, the device locks its door, quickly heats up to a temperature of 500 degrees C and burns all impurities in it to ashes.

We just sweep the ash and wipe the walls. Modern ovens also have a number of other useful functions, but most models unfortunately require regular scrubbing. We advise on what to pay special attention to.

How to clean the oven?


The easiest way to clean these retractable (pressed). Clean them with an old toothbrush soaked in undiluted dishwashing liquid. You do not need to remove the knobs when cleaning the oven.

Partitions and grates

Fresh scorching wipe water and vinegar or baking soda and oven heated to 160 ° C. When cool damp cloth. Spray old dirt with grill foam. Using baking soda is a good choice.