How to regenerate the nasal mucosa?

Frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract can irritate the mucosa. In this case, it is necessary to quickly regenerate and moisturize it, because it is the first protective barrier of our nose. So how can we take care of the good condition of our mucosa?

What causes nasal mucosa damage?

The mucosa is the first protective barrier of our nose, which is constantly exposed to external factors. It not only heats the inhaled air, but also filters it so that as little harmful compounds as possible enter our body. When the mucosa does not function properly, we are more exposed to attacks by viruses, bacteria and fungi that can cause various infections.

The nasal mucosa is damaged as a result of:

  • diseases and infections of the upper respiratory tract, manifested by a troublesome runny nose,
  • allergies,
  • irritating and dry air from e.g. tobacco smoke or pollution,
  • injuries, surgery or surgery,
  • staying in air-conditioned rooms,
  • the use of both intranasal and non-nasal drugs.

Regeneration of irritated mucosa. What steps to take?

The reconstruction and regeneration of the irritated and damaged mucosa is important not only in terms of regaining the feeling of comfort, but above all ensuring its proper functioning and enabling it to fulfill its protective function.

Helpful in regenerating the nasal mucosa are:

  • special preparations available in pharmacies with a moisturizing effect and soothing irritation in the form of ointments, aerosols, sprays, containing sodium chloride, vitamin B5, vitamin A, sea water, glycerol and hyaluronic acid,
  • home inhalations based on sea salt or herbal extracts (eucalyptus oil, thyme oil, pine oil, aloe extract).

In addition, people struggling with irritated mucosa should avoid irritants such as cigarette smoke, cold or dry air or dust. Drying out of the mucosa may also take place in summer, therefore it is worth remembering about frequent irrigation of the body with mineral water during this period.