Is a golden retriever the dog for you? Get to know the most important information!

Golden Retriever dogs are associated with smiling, large teddy bears. They are very gentle and friendly animals. However, before the pooch comes under your roof, find out more: about his character and needs!

Golden Retriever – a few words about the origin of the breed

The breed was bred in the late 19th century in Great Britain (Scotland) by Dudley Mjoribanks, Lord of Tweedmouth. The development of firearms undoubtedly contributed to its creation – hunters needed a dog to efficiently retrieve shot ducks. Until 1913 dogs were registered as golden, flat coated , later they came to be called yellow or golden retrievers. The current name has been in force since 1920. The word “golden” denotes the color of the coat and “retriever” comes from the English verb “to retrieve” which means to retrieve / bring back.

Golden Retriever physical characteristics

Golden Retriever is considered to be one of the prettiest dogs in the world. It has a harmonious build, a strong, compact silhouette and a well-chiseled, fairly wide head. It is distinguished by a well-proportioned torso, massive chest and wide-set eyes of medium size. It is covered with dense, waterproof, wavy hair. His black nose often shines with the onset of winter. The Golden Retriever is a large dog – it is 56 to 61 cm tall and weighs between 29 and 40 kg . Golden Retrievers are a breed that occurs in two breeding lines : English and American. Both types differ slightly in appearance:

  • dogs from the English line are distinguished by a light cream or light golden color and straight or wavy hair
  • American goldens are golden to chocolate colored (black or white golden retriever are made from a cross). The hair of the American variety is straight or wavy. Their body structure is much more delicate and slender.

Golden retriever – character

The description of the breed starts with the fact that retrievers are not pets ! Always prone to play, stroking and cuddling. Here are the most important advantages and disadvantages of their character.

Positive qualities of golden people

Dogs of this breed are very effusive in showing affection. They are very attached to their owners and need close contact with them. They are calm, do not show aggression, and they approach the environment (both people and animals) in a friendly manner. They have no obedience problems. Goldens are characterized by a high level of intelligence, good memory and the ability to learn quickly . They feel great in the family, they are gentle and gentle to children. Due to their nature, they can keep the elderly and children company. They are also used in dog therapy and various sports for dogs. They are extremely active, energetic (they require a lot of daily exercise) and endurance. They are also irreplaceable with the help of the services: they track drugs, explosives or people in rubble or under avalanches.

Potential disadvantages of golden retrievers

This breed is definitely not suitable for guardianship . Golden will welcome your friends and burglars with the same kindness . His constant need to stay close to the owner and focus his attention on himself can also be burdensome. Pedants, on the other hand, may not like his profuse shedding twice a year – in spring and autumn, and his love of collecting waste!

How to care for this dog on a daily basis?

Grooming dogs of this breed is not complicated. They should be thoroughly combed once a week (and daily during the molting period) and, if necessary, bathed in a shampoo for long-haired dogs. When feeding them, you need to remember to calculate the portion correctly for the weight and lifestyle of your pet. Goldens are big greedy people with a tendency to gain weight . It is best to divide the daily portion into two and give up serving delicacies in between.

Golden Retriever – life expectancy and disease

The average life span of a Golden Retriever is around 12 years . Unfortunately, this is one of the dog breeds that is prone to many diseases, so the owner should take his pet for regular check-ups to the vet.

The most common diseases of the breed

Golden Retrievers often suffer from genetic diseases , such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and obesity (they love to eat!), So they should not be overfed. They often develop cancer, including fibroids, lymphomas, and osteosarcomas.

How to find a suitable breeding farm?

The breeder has a significant influence on the development of a puppy in terms of appearance, health and psyche. It is he who mates the dogs, raises the litter and decides to sell the puppies. A responsible breeder provides dogs with excellent living conditions and constant veterinary care. It allows for breeding only those individuals that have obtained breeding qualifications of the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP), and also tests them for hereditary diseases that dogs of a given breed are most likely to suffer from.