L-proline – what is it?

More and more people are reaching for products containing vitamins and minerals. Dietary supplements are a great solution for those who, due to a poorly diversified diet, are exposed to deficiencies of certain ingredients. One of the remedies we use is L-proline – let’s take a look at what it is.

What is proline?

Proline is one of the amino acids that is essential for the proper functioning of our body. It is a natural and endogenous protein amino acid – which means that the body is able to produce it itself. Sometimes there are situations in which the level of this amino acid drops, and then the only solution is supplementation. Proline can be found in the form of dietary supplements to be taken orally. In this form, it supports the production of collagen and the binding of water in the body, which contributes to the maintenance of the proper level of hydration. The use of proline is safe as long as the recommended daily dose is not exceeded. However, it is not a product recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with known hypersensitivity to this substance.

Action of proline

One of the special properties of proline is that it is the most important component of collagen particles. The production of collagen in the human body takes place naturally, but after the age of 25, its level drops significantly. This has an impact on the physical appearance – the skin becomes flaccid and less elastic due to the weakening of collagen fibers. The process of skin hydration is also disturbed, you can notice a change in its color and local dryness. Discoloration may appear.

Proline also affects the protein metabolism of the body. Thanks to proline, the damaged protein structures are removed from the skin. The parts that have been weakened as a result of excessive exposure to the sun, improper diet or mechanical injuries can be removed. This leads to a deterioration in the appearance of the skin, but proline allows these particles to be removed and replaced with a new batch.

Another property of this amino acid is its ability to bind water by attaching its molecules. Impact on the condition of the epidermis and protects the skin against aging. Skin that is dry may sag and other irreversible changes more quickly. Due to its beneficial effect on the skin, proline can be found in creams and specialized masks.

The action of proline and collagen is not limited to the area of ​​beauty. Collagen proteins form joint capsules – the amount of collagen has a significant impact on the resistance of the joints to the loads resulting from physical activity, intense work or injuries. For this reason, proline has a direct effect on the joints – it can improve their functioning and increase resistance to various types of overload. In addition, it reduces the risk of injury.