Maine Coon – character and detailed description of the breed of cats

The Maine Coon breed is the largest representative of domestic cats. Cats of this breed are very social and friendly, they learn quickly and establish contact. Maine Coon is a majestic giant, awe-inspiring with its appearance. However, you absolutely do not need to be afraid of him! A menacing look does not go hand in hand with character. Maine Coons are outgoing and friendly by nature, making easy contact with people.

The appearance of the breed

Maine Coon males are definitely larger than females, which in adulthood can weigh from 4 to 6 kilograms. The largest males can weigh up to 10 kilograms (or more!). The head of this breed is medium-sized, slightly angular in shape, with a strong chin that forms a vertical line along with the nose and upper lip. The nose is long, with a distinct breakthrough. The eyes of a Maine Coon cat are large, slightly oblique, with the so-called owl gaze typical of this breed. Eye colors of various colors are allowed, although the most common colors are green, gold or copper. The torso is quite massive with a wide chest . The limbs are of medium length and the feet are quite large, round with lots of hair between the toes. The Maine Coon’s tail should reach at least the shoulder blades. He is richly hairy, long top hair creates a characteristic “feather”. The coat of this breed is dense and smooth, loosely falling with a soft and delicate undercoat.

There is a rich ruff around the neck, longer hair should also be on the sides, abdomen and back of the thighs. For the Maine Coon, almost any color is acceptable, with the exception of chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, and lilac. One of the most popular ointments is brindle.

Maine Coon: character

The Maine Coon is said to be “canine”. What does it mean? Cats of this breed are very balanced and friendly. They easily connect with people and become attached to them. This is one of the most sociable cat breeds ! For him, the most important thing is the presence of a guardian, thanks to which he can easily adapt to new rooms where the owner is located. It’s a great companion . He would like to follow his master all day long. He shouldn’t be alone for too long. Hours spent without companionship would certainly have a negative impact on his disposition. Although he remains faithful to his master, he also enjoys the company of guests. He does not remain in the shadows then – he tries to be in the center of attention at all costs, demanding caresses and showing off.