Orchids – how to care for, water and replant orchids?

The care of orchids means, first of all, proper watering, fertilization and ensuring the right position. Orchids do not like too much sun and splashing. Back in the 90’s, orchids were considered quite exotic and very exclusive potted flowers. Recently, however, they have become extremely popular and have become a part of many Polish homes. They are also a frequent element of floral decorations at parties. The growing popularity of these plants does not always go hand in hand with knowledge about them. Many people have a problem with how to care for orchids so that they please the eye and bloom impressively

Orchid care – general rules

The most important rule is to avoid putting orchids on the windowsill on the south side – they don’t like too much sun. Once the flowers have fallen , cut the twig on which they grew. Preferably just above the third eyelet. Then the orchid will grow stronger. Use ready-made fertilizers – this is especially important after winter and in summer. When plants are properly cared for and carefully inspected, orchid diseases rarely appear. Remember, however, that you need to ventilate the room where orchids grow, because systematic air exchange prevents rotting of the roots, the growth of fungi and the appearance of mold. Buy older specimens – they are more expensive, but more durable. An orchid that has already developed flowers and numerous outgrowths will be the best . Take into account the cost of PLN 20-50, the cheaper copies from the promotion in the supermarket will not look too impressive, even if you take care of them properly.

Does an orchid need a lot of light?

Your plant needs a lot of diffused light. Place it on the windowsill of the east or west window. If you have to place it on the south side, remember to protect it from strong sun rays. Orchid roots must have access to light and air. This is why these plants are sold in transparent casings, not in built-in pots. If you want a decorative pot, choose a much larger model – the roots sticking out of the casing must have space.

Watering orchids

Proper watering of orchids is half the battle in caring for these flowers. In nature, orchids are supplied with water by short but intense tropical rains. Then the sun dries them quickly. We must create similar conditions for them at home. Water the plants with lukewarm water when the substrate is visibly dry. It is important that the water does not remain on the base, as this may cause the roots to rot. These flowers like it when the air is humid. All because of the conditions in which they develop in their natural environment. So it’s worth taking care of it especially during the heating season. You can spray water around the orchid several times a day . In order for the flower to bloom nicely, it needs to “rest” in the summer for about 6 weeks. First, water it generously to rinse the soil well, then take it to a cooler place (e.g. to a staircase) and water it once every 2-3 weeks. Don’t worry about his puny appearance. It will change.