Teeth whitening strips – are they an effective method of brightening enamel?

A beautiful, snow-white smile is a dream for many of us. Nowadays, it is not only a synonym of healthy and well-groomed teeth, but also a sign of success and prestige. Therefore, the market offers many specialized teeth whitening preparations.

Teeth whitening in a dentist’s office is associated with considerable expenses, which makes the procedure still a luxury for the few. An alternative are professional preparations such as: gels, brushes, overlays or chewing gums. They are not only cheaper, but also suitable for independent use at home. One of the ways to brighten your smile are teeth whitening strips. As with other methods, there are a few myths around this too. We often hear that tooth whitening strips destroy the enamel. Nothing could be more wrong, because they contain completely safe and effective active ingredients. The correct use of the straps also plays a key role. The whitening effect itself depends on various factors. The most important of them is the initial shade of the enamel.

Before whitening, care should be taken to remove more visible discoloration and tarnish. The most common causes of heavy smoking or excessive consumption of coffee and red wine. Therefore, before we reach for teeth whitening strips, it is worth going to the scaling and sandblasting of teeth. Teeth whitening strips allow you to brighten your teeth by up to a dozen tones. However, in order to maintain this result, you need to take care of a proper diet and oral hygiene. Foods with coloring properties darken the enamel. Teeth whitening strips may not bring the desired results in the case of poor condition of the teeth. It is mainly about their hypersensitivity and the presence of numerous cavities. In this case, prior dental consultation is necessary.