The whole truth about bruises

People of all ages notice bruises on their bodies, i.e. purple-green, and later yellow spots. As a rule, they are the result of a collision with a piece of furniture, an object or of hitting yourself. However, they can also appear as a result of vitamin deficiency and selected diseases.

Bruise – what is it?

Another name for bruises is hematoma. It is a haemorrhage under the skin caused by damage to blood vessels. It is located directly below the skin surface, however, this is not a rule. Sometimes it appears deep, making it impossible to see with the naked eye. In the first phase, the bruise usually has a shade of purple and pink, and later turns yellow, brown, and sometimes green.

It is not difficult to guess that bruises usually appear in children, because they are characterized by a kind of clumsiness and many falls. It is worth realizing that they are not life-threatening and are self-absorbing, but it is still worth avoiding them.

Where do they come from?

Bruising is a side effect of falls, injuries and blows. However, these are not the only reasons. Sometimes they are the result of hemorrhagic blemishes, improper condition of blood vessels, and even inflammation, avitaminosis (vitamin C and K deficiency) and cancer. It is worth realizing that selected drugs are able to cause the occurrence of the discussed changes on the skin, and include, for example, aspirin.

If a person has a problem with blood clotting, or his blood vessels are fragile, he will notice bruises much more often on his body. The same is the case with people who abuse alcohol, struggle with diabetes and the elderly.

How should I proceed?

The general rule is to do literally nothing as bruises heal without any support in most cases. However, they are a source of pain many times, in such situations cold compresses are best. You can use water, milk, ice compresses or frozen food to make them. Rolled cabbage and garlic are very popular. Their task is to constrict blood vessels, which makes the bruise lose its size and become less irritating.

The second solution is reaching for an ointment consisting of arnica, comfrey, horse chestnut, marigold and peloid. With their help, you should gently massage the lesion on the skin and it should disappear much faster than in the absence of any reaction.

In a situation where bruises appear without a reason, however, you should see a doctor, as they may indicate various diseases.