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What about ingrown hair?

Women do everything they can to get rid of unwanted hair. It is shaved, depilated and plucked out. Many times, black curly hairs appear under the skin, which do not come out. Why is this happening and, more importantly, how can you deal with this situation?

Where do ingrown hair come from?

Ingrown hair is a problem of a large number of women. It is associated with the fact that as a result of depilation, the hair becomes weaker and softer and is unable to break through the skin, which is much thicker. Another barrier is created by the hardened epidermis, which is the result of skin irritation with the use of an epilator or razor. In such a situation, the growing hair remains under the skin and curls. Such cases very often result in inflammation of the hair follicle. Inflammation is nothing more than red spots with pus in it. Not only do they don’t look good, they also cause pain and itching. In addition, there is swelling and skin irritation. Therefore, you should do everything to make the ingrown hair as rare as possible.

How does it happend?

Ingrown hairs appear mainly in women who decide to remove unnecessary hair with the use of wax or an electric epilator. This problem is much less common for women who use the classic razor blade. Hair grows mainly on the legs and bikini area. When it comes to men, the problem is around the neck and under the chin.

Effective methods of fighting

Getting rid of ingrown hair is nothing more than using dermocosmetics, which can be purchased in pharmacies and drugstores. They are composed of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid. The task of cosmetics is to soften the epidermis, thanks to which the hair under the skin finds its way to the outside.

Peelings also work very well. Sugar, salt or coffee peeling are effective solutions. Its role is to get rid of the hardened epidermis, thanks to which the hair will have no problem with free growth. It is also good to scrub the body with a sharp sponge or glove. Scrubbing must end with moisturizing the body with a good body lotion. It is forbidden to do this more than twice a week, as the side effects of shedding the epidermis too often can be really dangerous.